SkriLab is unique turn-key STEM product that allows schools to implement into schools with everything they require to make work.   At the heart of it is the Skriware academy which allows teachers to have access to detailed lesson plans, worksheets, presentations to give them confidence to take engaging lesson plans.  The academy also provides training videos and how to guides on all STEM elements provided in the SkriLab

The SkriLab comes with all the software required to build, print and programme STEM elements.  With the ability to print from the Skrimarket (60,000) predesigned  models.

Using our 3D design tools, children can design their own robots and learn spatial modeling in practice. 3D Playground and Creator are available online, they do not require time-consuming software installation. How to handle them? You will learn from specially prepared courses available on Skriware Academy!


By assembling a robot themselves, students get to know the world of engineering and develop not only manual and technical skills, but also learn how to organise and plan their workplace.


By connecting the electronic components themselves students get the chance to understand the operation of microcontrollers and learn the basics of electronics.


By developing knowledge and programming skills, regardless of the level of advancement, students discover and apply various technologies in practice.

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