Insite interactive Panels

The exciting new Insite Panel ranges in size from 55 to 86 inchs and has a variety of trolley mounting options as well as coming with a wall mounting bracket.

4k resolution and ultra fast recognition of finger or pen touch (non electronic).

The screens can operate in a totally stand alone mode via Apps within the Android system, including the full range of Google Classroom Apps, as well as any other Apps that may be required.

Whilst connectivity to a laptop can be achieved via cables, the option to connect wirelessly offers full interactivity, not just casting, for Apple, Chrome and Windows devices. Classroom devices such as chromebooks, Ipads, Iphones and Android devices can be displayed and discussed by entire groups offering increased engagement via annotation tools.

Comprehensive support including ongoing teacher training is a critical component.

A far more intuitive and affordable offering than the older interactive whiteboards.

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